dont trust no one so i watch my own back

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: Mybooty was poppin’

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Anonymous: Did you go to the concert in nc

nope! atlanta :)


so i need to vent.
my reunion with emblem3 was everything that i needed. to say that i redeemed myself is an understatement.

so i had sunset VIP with my lovely sister and i just hoped day in and day out that the other girls in my group wouldn’t be drew girls … of course there was another drew girl. so i was expecting that we would share him, maybe both kiss his cheek. i was kinda annoyed but i was gonna tough it out.

so my sister had the gift for wes and i had the gift for drew and keaty keats. the two other girls in our group asked us to go in front of them because they were scared. and i wasn’t feeling as nervous as in october so i was like “hell yes!” the hosts for VIP told us to wait for hugs after but MY GOD…

i go to drew for the picture and he runs his nose up and down my cheek and kisses my cheek … MIND YOU I HAVENT SAID A WORD YET. it’s a complete blur what we did for the picture though. (we’ll see soon!) and after the pic i turn and say “hey dreeeew!” and he says “heyyy girly muah muah muah” and he squeezes me so tight. then i give him his gift and i tell him its from PR and it reminded me of him and he says, “oh my god, really?” it’s awesome, thank you.” and he asked me to put him on for him and i did. and i was like “it was so nice meeting you..” MIND YOU I MET HIM B4 but he said “even better seeing you.”
and i was about to walk about and he asked me how was puerto rico and i told him it was awesome and i wish i could have talked with him forever :(((( but no.

so me and keaton meet halfway and i say “HI KEATON! how are you?” and he says “im so good, i really hope you like the show tonight.” i don’t know why but we were holding hands haha, but i gave him his gift and i said “this is for you, make sure to read the note inside!” and he told me “of course, i will!” and he hugged me and said thank you.

then i came to wesley and we hugged (so much better than our hug in october) and i was like “wesleyyy!” and he was like “yesss! are you ready for the show tonight!?” and i was like “dude, i’m beyond ready.” and he was like “good, its gonna be so sick!” and he stared me right in the eyes and i died a litttle and i told him good luck.

and i walked away and said “love you guys!” and they all smiled.

keaton wore the necklace i gave him on stage, drew wore his bracelet, and idk if wes used the picks. the crowd was too intense, i was mad close though. next time they better play in a seated venue bc i was too close to losing it.
they played all my faves, they were so lost in the song … like good lost. loved it.

i swear me and wes had a moment. i was pointing at him and he was smiling and pointing at me. BUT MAYBE IM CRAZY.

and he followed me on twitter today so HUAAAAAH! yes yes yes yes.
i missed them so much already. PCD SUCKS.

The 2014 Oscars

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: Mybooty was poppin’

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The cold never bothered me anyway

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If you say “nevermind” to me I will actually worry about it for the rest of my life

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This heart, it beats, beats for only you, my heart is yours

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